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rachel marie korb

Design your lifestyle to elevate your leadership

Lead with clarity, courage, and connection to deliver impact—without the burnout—and live a life you love.


Hi, I'm Rachel!

I help ambitious female leaders (like you) design a soul-filling life to elevate their leadership and ditch burnout for good.

Welcome to Boldly Unbounded! I genuinely believe that leadership is a lifestyle, not your title, outfit, or credentials. Your life can be deeply fulfilling and joyful when you're an ambitious leader. It's not an either-or scenario. It's an and, and it's all interconnected.​ 

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rachel marie korb

What would your life look like if you could finally lead boldly?

You're in the right place if you're looking for sustainable, long-term change. You'll elevate your leadership to lead a thriving company and inspire the future of work.

Ready to take the first step?

Ways we can partner

Fractional People Work

Scaling high-compassion, high-performance remote teams.  Say hello to a thriving company—people and profits. 


Group program for people managers looking to go from good to exceptional leadership that delivers high-impact results.


1:1 Coaching for ambitious senior leaders who are ready to elevate their leadership and reach the next level of success.

Not sure where to start with coaching?

Pick the best fit for you.

Wooden Desk

I'm ready to deepen my skills and inspire my team.

rachel marie korb

I'm ready to elevate my vision and impact.

Get your free guide.

boldly unbounded daily practices guide

You're going to love these practices.

Everything starts with the body. Get 4 free practices to calm your nervous system, and access your unique Personal Power to lead with clarity, courage, and connection.


"One of Rachel's standout qualities is her expertise in scaling processes and solving complex problems. Her ability to unite multiple teams and foster communication and collaboration is truly impressive. Her coaching approach empowers team members to reach their full potential, and she consistently invests in the development and growth of those she leads.

Rachel's contributions extend beyond her role; she elevates the workplace culture itself. She fosters an environment where individuals can bring their best selves to work while ensuring that People teams' projects are aligned with the company's mission and vision."

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