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boldly unbounded

Hi, I'm Rachel!

Many women leaders feel like they've achieved success—a senior leader role, financial wealth, family—but deep down they feel something is missing. Have you ever thought, "Is this really it?"


It's because we've been sold a story... "When you achieve _____, then you'll be successful. When you're successful, you'll feel fulfilled in your life and career. " It's a flawed story.

That story will keep you going until you burn out or succumb to a hollow existence, living on autopilot. I believe you already have everything you need to experience meaning, joy, and fulfillment in your career and life. It's learning how to access it and practice it.


What if your life could look like this...

  • You wake up and sense deep down that you're really living to the fullest. You feel deep gratitude for many moments throughout the day—big or small.

  • You've fully embodied calm, clarity, and confidence. It shows in the way you walk, speak in senior leadership meetings, or cultivate meaningful, healthy relationships at work and beyond. 

  • Your life and leadership are connected. You feel whole and satisfied. They support you in a way that empowers you to naturally influence generations of leaders to come

That's what we're building. Say "hi," to Boldly Unbounded.

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