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Hi, I'm Rachel.

Holistic lifestyle design to elevate feminine leadership—leading with clarity, calm, and confidence.

Brands I've worked with

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Rachel Marie Korb at Boldly Unbounded

It's been quite the journey

why I'm here

My mission is to help you reconnect with who you really are and to empower you to move into your unique Personal Power. 


With holistic lifestyle design, we elevate your feminine leadership—leading with calm, clarity, and connection—and cultivate a deeply fulfilling, joyful life. A life Boldly Unbounded.

Does this resonate?

You're here because you know life can be better.

  • You feel like you can't take up space you're capable of, nor do you feel empowered to.

  • Your work feels invisible, and you constantly feel pressure to prove your value.

  • You feel stressed, disconnected, and too tired to live outside of work. You think, "is this really it?"

  • You doubt your abilities and replay situations over and over to evaluate if you made the right decision.

What if it could be different?

Imagine your boldly unbounded life...

  • You've fully embodied calm, clarity, and confidence. You create space for compassionate connection with yourself and others to bring out the best in yourself, your team, and company.

  • You deliver impact by coming from a place of choice, not fear. You confidently communicate the results and influence others.

  • Your life and leadership are connected. You lead with integrity and come from a place of alignment with purpose, values, and goals. You feel whole, satisfied, and supported.

  • You have less stress. After a good night's sleep, you wake up energized and sense deep down that you're really living to the fullest

Impact  clients have experienced

testimonial from julia

Through my sessions with Rachel, I uncovered my personal values and defined how I can work towards a career that matches my value system. This has been incredibly helpful for my professional and personal fulfillment. Rachel is a very empathetic person and has the ability to nudge you in just the right direction.


Since 2015

I've helped C-Suite, Leaders, and tEams thrive.

As a certified ICF ACC coach and People & Culture leader, I've partnered with co-founders, senior leadership, and people leaders to lead effectively (and with confidence!), scale globally remote companies, cultivate high-performing people-first cultures, and infuse compassion into the workplace.

rachel marie korb at boldly unobunded
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Elevate your energy

You're going to love these practices.

Get 4 free practices to start your moving into your unique Personal Power.

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