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When you're ready to elevate your leadership (and your life).

How to work with me

Each year, I partner 1:1 with a small number of ambitious leaders to offer a powerful experience that will change their lives and leadership. 

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strategy session

You're facing an immediate and important challenge. You're unsure how to move forward and need help to regain your focus, provoke your thinking, boost clarity, and find a powerful solution.

In the strategy session, we'll deep-dive into what's most important so you can walk away with clarity and action.  Before the call, I'll send a questionnaire, so that I can prepare for your session.

Looking for help sustainably scaling your remote team?

Fractional People Leadership

"One of Rachel's standout qualities is her expertise in scaling processes and solving complex problems. Her ability to unite multiple teams and foster communication and collaboration is truly impressive. Her coaching approach empowers team members to reach their full potential, and she consistently invests in the development and growth of those she leads.

Rachel's contributions extend beyond her role; she elevates the workplace culture itself. She fosters an environment where individuals can bring their best selves to work while ensuring that People teams' projects are aligned with the company's mission and vision."


rachel marie korb

Hi, I'm rachel!

Redesigning my life changed my leadership beyond what I had imagined.

I've been a people manager for 9 years and a senior leader for five years. Four years ago I radically redesigned my life to elevate my leadership. It challenged me in ways I never thought possible, but the results were worth it. Leadership became energizing while delivering high-impact results. Life became more effortless and joyful. Here I am burnout-free and ready to help you avoid all the trial and error I went through. In this 30-minute conversation, I'm going to ask you 5 powerful questions to challenge and provoke your thinking. 

I can't wait to show you how lifestyle design can elevate your leadership!

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