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A Call to Growth

The Bold Blazers Lab

A program—with 1:1 and group coaching—for emerging and seasoned People Managers who want to grow from good to exceptional leadership—while delivering high-impact results.

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Let me guess...

You know you're meant for more, but you're not sure how to get there.

This program is a 3-month group offering to codify your people management foundations and level up your leadership skills—without the burnout.  Each month we focus on a core pillar—leading with clarity, courage, and connection.

You're here because...

You fell into people management as your company grew

You secretly doubt if you're an effective people manager

You know you're meant for exceptional leadership

You want to grow and make a bigger impact at your company


For 1:1 or Group Coaching

How it works



It's a partnership, so the first step is to decide if it's a magical match for both of us. Book a conversation to get to know each other, your goals, and what you've tried so far.



There's a spark of magic. Make the payment, sign the contract, and fill out your Bold Leader profile. This is the beginning of an incredible journey toward exceptional people management.



Meet bi-weekly with async resources between sessions. We focus on 3 areas: clarity, courage, and  connection. Each covers key manager skills and holistic leadership development.

In just a few months I’ve already seen great progress. Rachel is actually one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. She’s goal-oriented, focused, comprehensive, punctual, and, more importantly, loves what she does! The sessions are at the same time easy-going but very focused.

- Marcelo

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Here's what you'll receive...

Monthly 60-minute private Elevation Sessions

Monthly 60-minute group Decoding Deep Dives

On-demand resources to guide your progress

Library of people manager templates 

Tailored Topics for Groups

design a program for your unique needs

  • Who does Rachel work with?
    Rachel's dream clients... have an inspiring mission or vision for their life. They want to live and lead boldly, challenging the status quo. deeply desire to make a big impact in the world. must be fun! Silliness, play, and curiosity are key. bring an audacious challenge. Rachel's looking to go on an adventure with them. are courageously committed to themselves, their mission or vision, and creating a holistic lifestyle that elevates their leadership.
  • Does Rachel only work with female leaders?
    I specialize in female leadership, but I work with leaders who identify with any gender. What matter's most is that we both feel a magic spark and know our partnership will be successful.
  • What's coaching?
    Coaching is a partnership and thought-provoking, creative process that inspires you to level up in leadership. Through the process, you’ll: Tap into new sources to guide you, like body-mind awareness, intuition, nervous system regulation, and imagination. Stretch out of your comfort zone and deepen self-trust so you can lead with courage. Break free from limiting beliefs and reframe expansive thinking, feeling more optimistic. Live in integrity with your personal and leadership values. Create more balance in your work and life, experiencing less stress, more calm and clarity, a deeper sense of self-trust and self-compassion. Clarify and achieve ambitious goals.
  • How will coaching address my unique leadership challenges and goals?
    Your leadership journey is unique, and your coaching experience should be too. Here's what you can expect: First, we take time to discover where you are on your life and leadership journey, so you can decide where you want to go. Then we do two things: Boldly 'Unbounding' This is where the coaching magic happens. We'll dig into mindset and habits, body-mind awareness, nervous system regulation, mindfulness, self-compassion, values clarification, energetics, and leadership philosophy. Elevating This based on the actions you take to achieve your goals.
  • What's Rachel's background?
    I've been a people manager for 9 years, and a senior leader for 5. I've been coaching since 2017. I started as a career coach which encompassed career moves, career development, and people management and leadership. Icoached founders, senior leaders, engineers, and educators worldwide. In 2018, I started coaching in-house at remote startups in senior leadership roles, leading the People function. Since then, I've primarily coached and advised founders, C-level, VPs, directors, and People Managers. I also led in-house learning and development, including People Manager programs, performance management, and tailored workshops. I'm a certified ICF coach, trained in the Co-Active Coaching approach with a focus in Somatics and mindfulness. I've continued my education in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), neuroscience, self-compassion, and leadership development topics.
  • What's Rachel's coaching philosophy and methodology?
    My philosophy is how you show up in leadership is how you show up in life, and vice versa. I use a holistic approach to nurture the whole human and cultivate thriving in life and leadership. Trained in and use the Co-active Coaching methodology, infused with the 8 dimensions of well-being, Somatics, neuroscience, and leadership development.
  • How do you maintain confidentiality and ensure privacy in our coaching relationship?
    In alignment with ICF’s Code of Ethics, everything we discuss is confidential. The only time I would ever break confidentiality is if you may be of harm to yourself or someone else. I use a plug-in called Supernormal that shares AI generated session notes with you. I also receive a copy. All of your data is encrypted and GDPR compliant. You can see their privacy policy and security page for more details. If you would prefer not to receive session notes for confidentiality reasons, I'm happy to disable the plug-in for our sessions.

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Hi, I'm rachel!

Redesigning my life changed my leadership beyond what I had imagined.

I've been a people manager for 9 years and a senior leader for five years. Four years ago I radically redesigned my life to elevate my leadership. It challenged me in ways I never thought possible, but the results were worth it. Leadership became energizing while delivering high-impact results. Life became more effortless and joyful. Here I am burnout-free and ready to help you avoid all the trial and error I went through.

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