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Are you ready to elevate your leadership?

It's time to lead with clarity, courage, and connection.

The old model of leadership is outdated. Masculine-centric, title-first, and work before life. It's time for a change with a holistic approach for high-impact, sustainable leadership. Say hello to the BOLD Framework™️.

What if we could change the world of leadership? 

It starts with 3 pillars



You deliver impact coming from a place of calm and balanced well-being. You develop body-mind connection, regulate your nervous system (and emotions), and can adapt with ease.



You own your unique Personal Power and your life. You embody your mission, values, and goals to lead with integrity. You seek out ways to up-level your mindset and habits.



You practice compassion and empower high-performing teams. It enables space for meaningful connection to bring out the best in yourself, your leadership, and your company.

Elevate your feminine leadership.

the bold framework

Over the past decade, I've found what works—striking the balance of exploration with experimentation. In our 1:1 coaching sessions, you go deeper to gain clarity, grow awareness, and break free from limiting beliefs. Between sessions, you experiment to find what works and drop what doesn't.


Bring Awareness

First, understand where you are. Then, envision your Boldly Unbounded life—what it looks like and how you feel. You'll create your mission and define your values to inspire energetic alignment. You'll develop body-mind connection, backed by the latest Somatic, neuroscience, compassion, and mindfulness research.


Open into Expansiveness

You'll begin to reframe your underlying beliefs to inspire action based on your unique Personal Power. You'll explore actionable opportunities with the highest impact on your life, creating your personalized strategy to take bold action. This is where unshakeable courage lives.


Launch Experiments

You'll design and launch your first Unbounding Experiment, with clear weekly practices, milestones, and reflection activities. You'll integrate lifestyle design and bold leadership practices into your day-to-day.


Discover & Iterate

You'll integrate what works into your leadership and lifestyle, and drop what doesn’t. You'll track progress, celebrate what you’ve achieved, and launch your next Unbounding Experiment.

Get your free guide.

Boldly Unbounded Vision Guide

Ready to craft an inspiring vision?

Get the free Boldly Unbounded Vision guide to discover where you are today, reflect on what that means for you, and create a powerful vision for the future.

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Lead Boldly and Live Unbounded.

let's change the world of work


I believe you are meant for something more. That's why you're here.
Having worked with ambitious female leaders (and being one) since 2014, I deeply understand the challenges you face when growing a remote company and the toll it can take on your leadership, life, and personal well-being. 

You see, the majority of leaders never connect life and leadership. They're treated as two separate people—a work person and a life person. Yet, exceptional leaders (who love their lives) deeply understand how the two influence each other. They also know the tiniest shifts in clarity, courage, and connection are key to high achievement, and it starts with the body. 

I'm committed to unlocking those tiny, yet powerful shifts with you so you can thrive and change the future of leadership.

Could this be a magical match?

leadership coaching with Rachel

This is for you if:

  • You have an inspiring mission or vision for your life. You’re willing to embrace fear and struggle to make it real.

  • You deeply desire to make a big impact on the world.

  • You love to have fun. Silliness, play, and curiosity are key.

  • You bring a big challenge! I’m looking to go on an ambitious adventure with you.

  • You are committed to yourself. You’ll put the time and energy into this partnership to realize your vision.

THIS IS not for you if:

  • You're looking for an overnight change with little effort, or you're not willing to struggle for your vision. You're merely throwing money at a problem.

  • You don't want to do deep self-work.

  • You haven't taken any action yet. Try 1 thing first.

  • You believe leadership and how we work should stay the same.

  • You choose fear and self-doubt over your commitment to your mission and vision.

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