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Hi, I'm Rachel!

Meet your guide

I'm an American girl now living in Barcelona, Spain. I love being in the sea, self-restorative practices, new hobbies, and exploring the world with my husband. I also love my cat, Raymond 🐈

And while I've successfully led People & Culture at remote companies and built a beautiful life in Spain, I didn't always come from my unique Personal Power.

It's been an adventure

How I got here

For years, I followed the path I believed was the one of a "successful female leader"—a master's degree, highly-coveted senior leader roles at remote startups, a beach apartment in Barcelona, and a wonderful family. It was everything I had aspired to achieve. But deep down, something was missing, and I was battling chronic burnout.

When my body shut down, and I reached a new level of burnout, I knew I needed something to shift. I spent the next three years completely redesigning my life through various restorative and leadership practices I share now. These practices empowered me, moved me in my unique Personal Power, and taught me how to lead with my feminine energy.

Leading became easier. Life became more effortless and fulfilling. I profoundly enjoyed the life I had consciously cultivated. I learned to slow down, honor my true self, weave both masculine and feminine energy work, and live and lead authentically to challenge the notion of what success looks like.

I deeply believe in holding a safe space for clients to show them how to reconnect with who they really are so they can consciously live unbounded and lead boldly. I guide clients to move into their unique Personal Power and trust their inner guidance to lead from a place of confidence, clarity, and connection.

I'm committed to my restorative practices and expansion because I know when I move more deeply into my unique Personal Power, I'm able to embody and share what I've learned with my clients. Everything I teach comes from years of personal, leadership, and coaching experience and is in alignment with my unique Personal Power and vision for a Boldly Unbounded life.

Why I Launched Boldly Unbounded

Many leaders—especially female leaders—experience a repetitive cycle of fear, self-doubt, and burnout. They're disconnected from their Higher Self, their truth. And when this disconnection happens, they feel stressed, exhausted, lack confidence, and the constant pressure to prove their value.

Boldly Unbounded is a movement for ambitious female leaders who want an unbounded life and to lead boldly with their feminine energy. 


Boldly” doesn’t just mean having courage to embark on self-discovery… The Boldly Unbounded have:

  • Bold Clarity (free from self-doubt and achieve BIG goals).

  • Bold Confidence (in alignment with purpose, values, and feminine energy).

  • Bold Connection (claim unique personal power through compassion).


Unbounded” doesn’t just mean being limitless… The Boldly Unbounded are also:

  • Unbounded in curiosity.

  • Unbounded in connection.

  • Unbounded in mindset.

  • Unbounded in health.

  • Unbounded in finances.

  • Unbounded in fulfillment.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to wake up and know you're embodying your unique Personal Power.

I can show you how.

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