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Boldly Unbounded in Being Vulnerable

view of the sea in barcelona

Hello, you Boldly Unbounded Soul ✨

This week is all about daring to be vulnerable so you can craft (and action) your ambitious, soul-filling vision for life and leadership.



It was a long weekend in Barcelona—with a mix of rain and shine. And if you knew me, you'd know that I love a good cuddle with Raymond 🐈 under a blanket during a storm and a long stroll by the seaside in the sun.

So as soon as the sun emerged, I found myself a massive bolder on the breakwater to sit, feel the crisp breeze on my face, soak in the sun (and some salty spray!), and free write.

This may sound funny, but the sea is my life source. It inspires me to dream big—catapulting me into expansive thinking—while also grounding me in calm, clarity, and connection.

I'm curious—what's your version of the sea? Do you have one?

Rachel Korb's signture



What things scare you the most in life? In leadership?

I'm not talking snakes or spiders. I'm talking about your secret dreams and vision for your Boldly Unbounded self. Fear is merely a mask for your desires. Create a ‘what scares me’ list. What are the things that scare you in life? Then go deeper. What’s the desire beneath the fear?


Unbounded learning of the week —the act of daring to be vulnerable

Brené Brown coined the term daring greatly and her research uncovered loads of wisdom for the future of leadership. Things like:

  • Vulnerability comes first. Always. Courage blooms from vulnerability.

  • Practicing integrity by living in alignment with your values is a must.

  • Trust is everything—self-trust and trust in others.

  • Learning to rise. This means getting curious about your emotions, being honest about the stories you make up, and reframing a setback as an opportunity for growth.

What I love is that they're core principles in coaching, and research is revealing the benefits. One-third of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching, and for every $1 invested in executive coaching, companies reported an average ROI of $7.90.


Be Bold experiment of the week —ground the body with breathwork

Last week, we explored how to expand interoception awareness. What did you learn about yourself and how you lead?

This week, we're building on interoception awareness to create a foundation for vulnerability.

As you continue to practice, you'll notice a progressive internal shift. A shift toward a deeper sense of belonging, authenticity, self-acceptance, compassion, and connection with others.

Ready for the next part? Here's how: add breathwork to body-sensing.

  • Start with 2-3 minutes of body-sensing. Close your eyes and scan the body from head to toe, noticing any sensations. Observe physical sensations and related emotions. Remember, there's no need to change anything—just be curious.

  • Now, bring your attention to the breath. Notice the breath—in the nostrils, chest, and belly. Allow yourself to ride it like a wave for 3-5 breaths.

  • Then, deepen your breath—breathing through the nose—inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 8. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times.

  • Lastly, inhale deeply through the nose—until you can't inhale anymore—and exhale through the mouth, making a sighing sound—until you can't exhale anymore.

  • To close the practice, scan the body from head to toe and notice any shifts. Then, return to your day.

When to do it: I recommend doing it first thing when you wake up, between meetings, at the end of the workday, or before bed. If you can do it 2 times a day, even better.

Why it works: This practice hacks our outdated physiological programming. When we embrace vulnerability, we need to ground into a regulated nervous system. If not, we'll move into flight, fight, or faint to protect ourselves.



Ready to shift?

Request a complimentary 30-minute conversation. I'll ask you 5 questions to elevate and challenge your thinking. No selling. No pitches. No attachments. Just a conversation that could change your life.

Sound interesting? Spots are limited. Reserve yours now—they go quickly.


Rachel Korb at Boldly Unbounded

I don’t just coach, I’m a fractional People Leader, too!

(I love remote workplace design to inspire a new way to work for people and profit.)

Hi, I'm Rachel Marie Korb. I'm a curious, sea-loving human based in Barcelona, Spain. After being a senior leader and scaling remote workplaces for a decade, I founded Boldly Unbounded to help ambitious female leaders shift from fear, self-doubt, and stress to clarity, courage, and connection to deliver impact—without the burnout.

Elevate your leadership and create a life overflowing with abundance.

P.S. I realized I forgot to mention what I've been building for you in last week's newsletter. 🙃 I decided to wait, but worry not, I'll share it with you in the coming weeks!

P.S.S. Welcome, new Boldy Unbounded Souls! 🎉 The community has grown to 1,852 people— and I couldn't be more grateful 💗 Please continue to ​DM me with topics you'd like to see and share with other ambitious female leaders who might find it valuable.

Follow me on ​LinkedIn and Instagram​ for more practices, leadership tips, and resources.


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