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Boldly Unbounded in Mindful Communication

view of flowers at the beach in barcelona

Hello, you Boldly Unbounded Soul ✨

This week's Be Bold theme is all about mindful communication to elevate your authentic voice and executive presence.



As a coach, communication is a core skill, and so is mindfulness. They're also key to Boldly Unbounded leadership, so I've been reflecting on the intersection of the two lately... asking things like:

  • What's communication without mindfulness?

  • How does mindfulness change the internal experience when communicating?

  • How does it change the experience for those around me?

  • What have I learned over the past decade as a leader?

  • What do I wish I would have known earlier on?

So, that brings us to today's Be Bold topic.

Rachel Korb's signture

P.S. Above is a picture I snapped while walking the beach. The flowers were in full bloom and it was just too lovely not to stop and, literally, smell the roses.



How do you brush your teeth?

How you brush your teeth is how you do everything. Is it a quick in and out—with vigorous strokes—or do you slow down and pay attention, ensuring to massage each tooth with just the right amount of pressure? Observe the next time you brush your teeth. What do you learn about yourself? How does it reflect other aspects of your life and leadership?


Unbounded learning of the week —the art of mindful communication

We all know communication is key to thriving companies. Today, we're going beyond the usual topics like transparent communication or a motivational vision. Say hello 👋 to, Mindful Communication.

What is it? Mindfulness communication is a way of engaging in conversations with full presence, awareness, curiosity, nonjudgment, and intention.

It fosters trust, psychological safety, understanding, and compassion. It makes communication more effective, increases collaboration, and lessens the likelihood of miscommunication and conflict.

As the ambitious female leader that you are, it also helps you to:

  • Stay grounded and calm, rather than anxious or stressed

  • Speak with your authentic voice

  • Elevate your executive presence

  • Make better decisions and take action faster

  • Positively impact employee engagement

Intrigued? Let's explore 5 ways to boost mindful communication ↓


Be Bold experiment of the week —create a solid base for mindful communication

Last week, we added breathwork to the mix. Well, it's all interconnected so we'll revisit it as we delve into 5 ways to strengthen mindful communication.

  1. Calm the nervous system. If the nervous system is dysregulated, mindfulness ceases to exist. The body, brain, and mind will go into fight, flight, or freeze. Invite the nervous system to relax by breathing deeply—in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 5. It's invisible to those around you, so the good news is you can do it anytime!

  2. Use the Non-violent Communication Framework. Speaking of the nervous system, anytime the neural circuits perceive a threat, they'll trigger a dysregulated system. This can happen when your needs and the needs of others aren't met. This is why I love to use the Non-violent Communication Framework, it's based on understanding needs. Check out this in-depth guide from Positive Psychology.

  3. Create clarity through structure. While you can't always prepare beforehand, do it as often as possible. Choose your words intentionally. Get clear on the goal of the communication, anticipated needs, the key message, why it's important, and how you'd like others to be involved. Over time, you'll naturally think this way and become an exceptional communicator.

  4. Listen, listen, listen. Listen with empathy, compassion, curiosity, and nonjudgment. Listen for unmet needs. Listen for what's really being said without being said. And then confirm understanding. Reflect what you hear. Ask questions. Acknowledge what's being said and experienced. And take your time. Pause. Lean into silence rather than the tendency to fill it.

  5. Co-create to co-regulate. Use the time to connect and create a safe space. When you do, your regulated nervous system will co-regulate the others in the zoom. That co-regulation sparks curiosity, creativity, wellbeing, and better team outcomes.

When to do it: Any time you're interacting with people—in presentations, when giving feedback or recognition, at team meetings, in 1:1s, and in your broader life.

Why it works: When you create a culture of mindful communication, teams experience higher wellbeing, engagement, and productivity and less stress, anxiety, and conflict. The result? You can focus on hitting business goals (and creating greater results) in a way that feels better for everyone.



Ready to shift?

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Rachel Korb at Boldly Unbounded

I don’t just coach, I’m a fractional People Leader, too!

(I love remote workplace design to inspire a new way to work for people and profit.)

Hi, I'm Rachel Marie Korb. I'm a curious, sea-loving human based in Barcelona, Spain. After being a senior leader and scaling remote workplaces for a decade, I founded Boldly Unbounded to help ambitious female leaders shift from fear, self-doubt, and stress to clarity, courage, and connection to deliver impact—without the burnout.

Elevate your leadership and create a life overflowing with abundance.

P.S. Welcome, new Boldy Unbounded Souls! 🎉 Please continue to ​DM me with topics you'd like to see and share with other ambitious female leaders who might find it valuable 💗

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