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Boldly Unbounded in Achieving Results

Boldly Unbounded in Results


January’s been a month of reflection. It’s filled with ambitious resolutions and goals for many, but I prefer to follow the winter's energy. To slow down. It’s a season for inward exploration and reflection. To listen. To gain clarity. To move from intention.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to get results. That’s why clients partner with me. They want to achieve a result, and they need some help. Things like strong executive presence, elevating their leadership skills to deliver more impact, deeper confidence, taking up space, or designing a more fulfilling life. And there’s something I’ve noticed over the years with my clients and myself.

I want to share this powerful insight with you…

Your thoughts (or beliefs) = your actions. Your actions lead to your results.

Your thoughts = your actions. Your actions = your results.

Sit on that insight for a moment...

This is why you might feel stuck right now. Intrigued? Let’s explore it, shall we?

Let’s start with a personal story from early on in my career. I began in international education—designing and leading international programs. At first, I loved it. And then… I dreaded it!

Each day felt as if dementors were slowly moving around the office sucking out part of my soul. Days were filled with piles of bureaucracy. My ethical concerns were at an all-time high. The ‘lifers’ were jaded by the system and worked on autopilot. Strict rules controlled when and how to work. Impact was limited, and so became my time in the field.

I knew I needed change, so I scoured other opportunities in higher education. I even found some exciting EdTech startups hiring. But I was stuck.

I was living in the heart of disruptive technology and innovation—San Francisco—but I didn’t apply for those startup jobs. I was fixated on staying in higher education. That’s what I had studied... and once loved.

Plus, I had a secret belief… I was secretly terrified no startup would ever want to hire someone from traditional education. And that belief?

It drove my actions. Apply to other universities or program providers. No change. Just more stuck-ness.

Until one day.

When my husband, Chinmay, said, “Just apply. Why filter yourself out of a role when you have no concrete reason they wouldn’t hire you?”

Bam! A revelation. My thoughts—my beliefs—were driving my actions and creating the results. The results in this case being unfulfilled in work and feeling stuck.

So, I applied to the EdTech startup with my dream role. I prepped my ass off, went through many rounds of intensive interviews, and I got it!

I freed myself from a belief. That freedom translated into actions that aligned with my values, goals, and aspirations.

Since then, creating new beliefs that drive the results I desire have become a consistent practice. It's also a big part of what I do with clients. Many times there's so much focus on action that we forget that our thoughts are the foundation to all actions.

My role? To help clients uncover beliefs that block their ambitions.

How, you might be curious? Your thoughts manifest into how you speak. Your words become clues. Because I don't live in your mind everyday, I can notice things you might not.

It's kind of like editing a doc you write. You review, review, review and everything looks perfect! Then someone else reads it and finds a few typos right away.

That doesn't mean you can't progress on your own. You can, and my offer to you is a simple practice you can start today.

Notice your thoughts when you feel stuck. What patterns do you start to notice? What sensations do you experience in the body? What emotions arise?

If you already know and want to start freeing yourself from a belief, follow these 6 steps.

Rachel's sign off


P.S. I’ve got 5 questions to ask you that will challenge and provoke your thinking and provide insight into your beliefs. Would that be interesting to you?

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