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rachel marie korb

private coaching

Redesign your lifestyle to elevate your feminine leadership—leading with clarity, calm, and confidence—and cultivate a deeply fulfilling, joyful life. 

Most ambitious female leaders feel like they've achieved success—the job title, money, and love—but deep down they still feel self-doubt, fear, disconnect, and stress that leads to chronic burnout

And an echo of, "Is this really it?" lies just below the surface.

Limiting your freedom. Suppressing your expression, of your unique Personal Power. Of your beautiful Boldly Unbounded life.


It's been living within you, swelling into your consciousness… Yet you’re unsure of how to set it free.

It's because we've all been sold an untrue story...that when you're a successful female leader, you constantly have to prove your worth, lead with masculine energy, and experience burnout. 

That story will keep you going until you burn out completely or succumb to a hollow existence, living on autopilot, denying yourself the life you really desire. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can live BIG. You can step into your unique Personal Power. You can lead with feminine energy.


You can choose to expandTo step into your Power. 

What if it could be different?

Imagine Living and Leading with...


You deliver impact and results by coming from a place of awareness, intention, and abundance. Tapping into your intuition and logic.


You take up space and embody integrity. You're in alignment with your purpose, values, and goals at personal, team, and company levels.


You create space for compassionate connection with feminine energy to bring out the best in you, your life, and your team.

Start with a free, 1-hour clarity conversation.

Tap into your Personal Power

with the boldly unbounded blueprint.


Bring Awareness

First, understand where you are. Then, envision your Boldly Unbounded life—what it looks like and how you feel. You'll clarify your values to inspire energetic alignment and understand where you're giving your power away. You'll develop mind-body awareness, backed by the latest research in neuroscience, compassion, and mindfulness. 


Open into Expansiveness

You'll begin to reframe your underlying beliefs to inspire action based your unique Personal Power instead of fear and doubt. You'll explore actionable opportunities that offer the highest impact on your life, creating your personalized strategy to move through the ebbs and flows. This is where unshakeable confidence lives.


Lean into Your Personal Power

You'll design and launch your first Unbounding Experiment, with clear weekly practices, milestones, and reflection activities. You'll integrate self-compassion, mindfulness, and leadership practices into your day-to-day.


Discover Learning & Unbounding

You'll integrate experiment learnings into your leadership and life
understanding what doesn’t work for you so that you can focus and refine what does. You'll also check-in where you are now to see what progress you’ve achieved. Then, rinse, wash, and repeat.

You're not alone.

I've been there too.

Having worked with countless ambitious female leaders (and being one) since 2014, I deeply understand the challenges you may face when growing a remote company and the toll it can take on your confidence, health, and wellbeing

I'm committed to your success so that you can move from a place of fear, disconnect, and stress to your unique Personal Power and boldly lead with feminine energy.

Together, we’ll create a new generation of leadership where gender distinctions blur and traits unite to create a future where remote workplaces thrive in creativity, alignment, impact, psychological safety, well-being, engagement, and revenue.

It won't just change how you lead, it will change how you live, too.

What's included?

The offering

  • 2x month 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Sessions (60 min) for 6 months

  • Tailored resources to guide your progress

  • Remote and async-first leadership resources and templates

  • Slack support between sessions (Mon-Fri)

Start with a free, 1-hour clarity conversation.

rachel marie korb

This is for the woman who:

  • Is ready to prioritize and invest in herself to step into her unique Personal Power.

  • Is done living in a constant state burnout and wants to reach success that reflects her values.

  • Is curious and experiments to reach her goals and feels energized by her commitment to herself.

  • Feels empowered to become a confident female leader and honor her feminine energy.

THIS IS not for THE woman WHO:

  • Isn't ready to prioritize herself and keeps saying, "I'll do it someday."

  • Allows her fear and self-doubt to override her commitment to her leadership and life goals.

  • Believes masculine energy is the only way to reach success.

  • Believes stress and burnout are must-haves and clings to that.

Want to know more?

Common questions

  • What is Rachel's coaching philosophy and methodology?
    My philosophy is how you show up in leadership is how you show up in life, and vice versa. I use a holistic approach to nurture the whole human and cultivate thriving in life and leadership. I'm trained in and use the Co-active Coaching methodology, infused with dimensions of well-being, somatics, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and mindfulness. It’s paired with leadership development activities and resources.
  • What is leadership coaching, and how can it benefit me?
    Coach is a partnership and thought-provoking, creative process that inspires you to move into your unique Personal Power—leading confidently without the burnout. Through the process, you’ll: Tap into new sources to guide you, like body-mind awareness, inner wisdom, power source, and imagination. Stretch out of your comfort zone and deepen self-trust (the foundation of authentic confidence and Personal Power). Break free from limiting beliefs and reframe expansive thinking, feeling more optimistic. Live in integrity with your values. Create more balance in your work and life, experiencing less stress, more calm and clarity, a deeper sense of self-trust and self-compassion. Clarify and achieve your goals.
  • How will you tailor the coaching to my unique leadership challenges and goals?
    First, we take time to discover where you are on your life and leadership journey. You’ll create your Boldly Unbounded Blueprint to understand where you are today on that journey, so you can decide where you want to go. Everyone has a different 'starting point.' From there, you decide what you want to get out of our 6-month container. This is where the coaching really begins. It’s made up of two parts: Going deeper: body-mind awareness, mindfulness, self-compassion, values clarification, underlying and limiting beliefs, energetics, leadership philosophy Making progress: taking action to create tangible results, in alignment with your ‘going deeper’ work. Depending on where you are and where you want to go, we'll tailor the coaching to your needs.
  • How do you measure progress and success in coaching engagements?
    Success is achieving your goals. Progress is measured by creating clear, measurable goals. You’ll create your goals in the first month of the container.
  • What is Rachel's experience and background as a leadership coach?
    I’m a certified ICF coach, trained in the Co-Active Coaching approach with a focus in somatics and mindfulness. I've continued my own education in somatics, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), self-compassion, and leadership development. I’ve been coaching since 2017. I started as a career coach which encompassed career moves, career development, and people management and leadership. In 2018, I moved to internal coaching at remote startups in my leadership roles, leading the People function. Since then, I’ve primarily coached and advised C-level, VPs, directors, and people managers. In August 2023, I moved back to coaching full-time with Boldly Unbounded.
  • What does the private coaching container look like?
    There are 4 phases that make up the container. Phase 1 | Bring Awareness Create your Boldly Unbounded Vision to get really clear on what you want to 1) achieve (your tangible results) and 2) how you want to feel on energetic and emotional levels. Boldly Unbounded Blueprint to identify where you are today: What’s blocking you? Cultivate body-mind awareness. Get clear on your values to move forward in energetic alignment and purpose. Begin to uncover stories and underlying beliefs that limit you in life and leadership. Phase 2 | Open into Expansiveness Develop and deepen self-compassion and mindfulness. Reframe stories and underlying beliefs that limit you. Design your Boldly Unbounding Plan. Phase 3 | Leap into Action Make Progress: Take action from Boldly Unbounding Plan. Go deeper: Coaching sessions help uncover and release blocks. Between sessions, receive guidance, sync coaching, and support as things arise. Phase 4 | Discover Learnings and Level Up Guided Practice: Envision your Boldly Unbounded life—what it looks like and how you feel. Check in where you are now to see what progress you’ve achieved. You’ll explore progress based on success criteria, revisit your Boldly Unbounded Blueprint, and update satisfaction for each dimension.
  • How long is the container and what's the frequency of coaching sessions?
    You’ll have two (2) 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Sessions per month for 6 months (total of 12 sessions). Each session is 1 hour. Coaching sessions are bi-weekly so that you have time to go deeper and integrate what you’ve taken away from the session.
  • What is your availability, and how can I contact you between sessions?
    I’m happy to support you between sessions! I encourage you to use this to make the most out of your experience. We’ll communicate with Slack via text, audio, or video Monday through Friday. I will respond within 1 business day.
  • What tools do you use in the container?
    Boldly Unbounded Blueprint. Your roadmap to understand where you are today and guide where you want to be in 6 month's time. 360° Leadership Discovery. 360° feedback from 3-5 of your direct reports and your manager. Remote and Async-first Leadership Resources and Templates. You’ll have lifetime access to all current and future resources and templates, covering topics like setting boundaries, building trust, communicating impact, and more.
  • How do you maintain confidentiality and ensure privacy in our coaching relationship?
    In alignment with ICF’s Code of Ethics, everything we discuss is confidential. The only time I would ever break confidentiality is if you may be of harm to yourself or someone else. I use a plug-in called Supernormal that shares AI generated session notes with you. I also receive a copy. All of your data is encrypted and GDPR compliant. You can see their privacy policy and security page for more details. If you would prefer not to receive session notes for confidentiality reasons, I'm happy to disable the plug-in for our sessions.
  • What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?
    You can reschedule the call through the calendar invite or postpone a session with at least 24 hours of advance notice. If it is less than 24 hours, the session cannot be made up. It if is an emergency, we can discuss a solution.
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Move into your personal power. Live & lead boldly unbounded.

Start with a free, 1-hour clarity conversation.

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