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The Launch Story: Why I'm Launching Boldly Unbounded

I'm beyond thrilled to reveal the brand that has been years in the making, Boldly Unbounded.

It’s live, today. And I'm excited to share the journey and story with you.

Ready? Let's dive in.


Launching Boldly Unbounded

Table of Contents


The Story Behind Boldly Unbounded

People Leadership and People & Culture at globally remote companies are where my heart and commitment have lived over the past eight years.

They've been my favorite place to make an impact ever since I left the world of International Education in 2015 to seek my dream—moving to Spain and, unknowingly, transitioning from operations to People & Culture.

I genuinely believe that work can be fulfilling, with conscious leadership and well-designed remote work practices.

But, I didn't always have my life and leadership figured out. My success came at a cost—feeling deep down that something was missing and battling chronic burnout. It wasn't until the third cycle of burnout that I knew I no longer had a choice. Something had to shift. But I still loved being a female leader and making an impact through People & Culture. I recognized that most of the change needed happen within myself.

I spent the next three years completely redesigning my life through various restorative and leadership practices I share now. These practices—rooted in the weaving of the masculine and feminine (more on that later)—empowered me and moved me in my Personal Power—leading confidently without the burnout. And I've witnessed the positive impact they've made on others' lives through my coaching hat as a People & Culture Leader, too.

But what I realized is that I've practiced the process of unbounding—or clearing away limits—my whole life.

How, you ask?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been curious, and I've loved to challenge the limits, likely to the frustration of my parents, teachers, and even employers. I remember as a 10-year-old, venturing out on horseback to see how far I could go and what I could discover, despite being told I couldn't go more than two miles from home. More recently, I got certified in Scuba and started rock climbing outdoors to challenge my fear of sharks and heights. I also moved from individual contributor to a senior leader at globally remote companies in less than five years, knowing that I was capable, despite the systemic barriers female leaders face.

Well, that's a bit about how I've arrived at this part of the journey.

So, what about Boldly Unbounded? Why now?

Why am I Launching Boldly Unbounded?

In alignment with my love for learning and breaking limits, Boldly Unbounded, was a natural choice that arose from a brainstorming session in nature.

Bold encompasses the courage it takes to embark on this journey of self-discovery (yes, you have that courage).

Unbounded reflects the process of breaking limiting or undoing the 'social programming' that limits our ability to truly step into our unique Personal Power.

As for the focus in leadership, how you show up and lead is a direct reflection of how you live. And vice versa. We need a better way to support both leadership and our lives—understanding they're deeply interconnected—making it a holistic approach.

Since learning my way around leading the People & Culture function, from designing the People Vision and Strategy and partnering with C-level to building all People operations from scratch and growing my own team, I've had to show up boldly unbounded, and lead. I can't imagine a better name to reflect the day-to-day lifestyle of a female leader. Ever since my journey in female leadership started in 2016, I've dedicated my energy and focus to consciously leading through self-development, learning leadership skills to be effective in my role, growing high-performance, high-compassion teams, and imparting what I've learned with clients and colleagues.

Here are a few highlights of what I've been able to achieve as a female leader leading the People function in remote companies:

  • Built and nurtured remote and async-first cultures at 5 remote companies with team members distributed across 35+ countries.

  • Implemented neuroscience-backed people leader programs that improved manager effectiveness and empowered a culture of trust and autonomy.

  • Designed and facilitated mindfulness programming that boosted wellness scores.

  • Created and rolled out company values to drive behavior and nurture the culture as the company grew, integrated into performance enablement and career frameworks.

  • Developed a company-wide listening strategy—pairing qualitative and quantitative insights to inform People priorities and Executive Team actions—which increased employee engagement by 10%, and up to 45%.

  • Facilitated 500+ coaching sessions with founders, VPs, managers, engineers, and higher education practitioners, from tech startups to universities to multinational organizations through my previous coaching business.

Stats of Rachel Korb's experiencing in People and Culture at Remote Companies

Why Boldly Unbounded now?

After years of iterating, leading at remote companies, and developing high-performing, high-compassion teams have become my second nature.

But, here's the thing.

My life and leadership weren't always connected. I didn't lead with integrity or come from a place of alignment with my purpose, values, and goals.

In fact, for the first half of my career.

But, as I've worked in female leadership and People & Culture for the past eight years, I've observed a powerful truth.

Many leaders—especially female leaders—experience a repetitive cycle of self-doubt and burnout. They're disconnected from their Higher Self, their truth. And when this disconnection happens, they feel stressed, exhausted, lack of confidence, and the pressure to prove their value constantly.

75% of female leaders have experienced self-doubt and female workers show 32% more burnout than their male counterparts

Despite female leaders being more effective across the majority of leadership skills, one study shows 75% of female executives have experienced self-doubt in their careers. Another study found that female workers show 32% more burnout than their male counterparts. On top of that, women hired into leadership is increasing, but by less than 1% a year, according to LinkedIn's data. And female leaders are leaving companies at the highest rate ever.

LinkedIn Economic Graph Representation of Women by Seniority

"This inequity is most prominent at the top of the career ladder, where women make up on average just 24% of C-suite roles in EMEA and LATAM. Considering 42% of entry level positions are held by women in these countries, this is a steep reduction." LinkedIn Economic Graph

This means two things: 1) Female leaders have the potential to be a powerful force in companies and influence generations of leaders to come, but 2) They are not given the opportunity and are leaving leadership at a faster rate than ever, widening the gap of female leadership.

It's because we've all been sold a story...that when you're a successful, ambitious female leader, burnout is a part of it.

This story will keep you going until you burn out completely, succumb to a hollow existence (living on autopilot), or leave leadership altogether. It doesn't have to be that way.

I've witnessed female leaders step into their unique Personal Power and lead confidently—without the burnout. They challenge systemic issues, influence a new way of leadership and living, and are deeply connected to who they really are.

And it is empowering.

It offers hope for the future of female leaders and companies.

And that's why I'm launching Boldly Unbounded now. It's needed more than ever.

Ready to discover your unique Personal Power (and lead confidently without the burnout)?

Throughout the story, you may have been thinking, "I'm not sure what Personal Power is, but it sounds amazing!"

It is.

Your unique personal power resides within you. Written by Rachel Korb at Boldly Unbounded.

So, what's Personal Power?

Personal Power is a state of mind—of being—where you are deeply connected to your Higher Self (the one that is in alignment with who you really are. Your truth. Your intuition.). When you embody your Personal Power, you lead and live with integrity, aligned with your purpose, values, goals, and unique skills. Your Personal Power offers you the ability to:

  • Feel more fulfillment and meaning in your life;

  • Experience unshakeable confidence and trust in yourself;

  • Inspire others and lead by example; and

  • Take up space. Be assertive, kind, and respectful.

... And that's just a short list of the benefits.

There are many more.

Personal Power comes from within. It canott be shaken or destroyed by an outside event. Personal Power is an internal state that resides with you. Always.
Boldly Unbounded Personal Power Practices

Move into Your Personal Power to Impact The Future of Leadership and Remote Work

As I begin my ninth year of female leadership, and sixth year in People & Culture, I deeply sense it's time.

Time to educate. Time to help.

Time to empower.

Female leadership and well-designed remote work need more practical educators, advisors, and mentors. Partnering with startups, small to medium businesses, and female leaders around the world.

After building and nurturing remote, async-first cultures at 5 globally remote companies and mentoring people leaders to manage teams more effectively, I've witnessed higher engagement, wellbeing, alignment, creativity, psychological safety, retention, and revenue.

As female leaders, it's time to step into reconnect with our unique Personal Power and influence a new kind of leadership that's beneficial for both the workplace and your life.

As remote companies, it's time to challenge the out-dated design of the workplace and shift from the "revenue or people" to "revenue and people."

We need ambitious female leaders who are eager to stand up. To challenge the status quo. To shape the future of leadership and the workplace.

There are many areas that need help, and this isn't an overnight movement. This is a ripple effect movement that will ripple into each person you interact with, growing it's strength over time. Throughout generations.

In a world where nearly one-third of our life is spent at work and 900 million people feeling unfulfilled with their work, we cannot afford to wait. It's an opportunity to move into living. Really living and experiencing all that life has to offer. It's not just Boldly Unbounded Leadership. It's also an opportunity to unlock a Boldly Unbounded Life.

Imagine how you would feel if you could wake up every morning in alignment with your Personal Power?

Imagine how energizing it would feel.

How fulfilling.

How connecting.

Now, imagine a world where more people live in alignment with their unique Personal Power. Ten. 100. 1,000. 10,000. 100,000. 1,000,000... The impact potential for a better life is immense.

And that is why Boldly Unbounded is here.

This new brand serves several purposes:

First, Boldly Unbounded is a resource (and community) for ambitious female leadership education, practices, frameworks, and mentoring. The goal is to guide women to go deeper, reconnect with their higher selves, and develop and deepen effective leadership skills that blend masculine and feminine energy that feels balanced. From women aspiring to elevate their leadership skills to established female leaders reaching toward the C-Suite.

Secondly, Boldy Unbounded is an expert advisor in People & Culture for small, growing remote companies. From improving new hire onboarding and values embedding to people operations automation and leadership development. It links People design to leadership and maximizing business goals in a healthy way.

Third, Boldly Unbounded is a movement and my calling to contribute to a healthier society. It will reflect what enables amazing leadership and well-designed remote work, backed by trends and the most up-to-date research. It will be a resource-centric, inspirational-focused brand first with weekly, practical content. I've also designed some amazing offerings with this brand, bringing you the best of my training, mentoring, coaching, and advising within a fingertip's reach as a remote-first company.

Boldly Unbounded Weekly Newsletter Signup

My Mission with Boldly Unbounded

I deeply believe in holding space for clients to show them how to reconnect with who they really are so they can consciously elevate how they lead at work and in life. I guide clients to move into their Personal Power and trust their inner guidance to lead from a place of confidence, clarity, and connection.

I'm committed to my own personal healing and expansion because I know when I move more deeply into my Personal Power, I'm able to embody and share what I've learned with my clients. Everything I teach comes from years of personal experience and in alignment with my Personal Power.

My mission is to help you reconnect with who you really are and to empower you to move into your Personal Power as you confidently elevate how you lead—at your company and in your life.

I'm also committed to unlocking high-performance, high-compassion teams. And I understand the impact that leadership has on a team culture, paired with organizational design.

Boldly Unbounded is a movement because we have the opportunity to change how we show up in the world. How we lead. How we live. How we impact the lives of our team members. How we succeed as remote companies.

Long-term, my vision is much BIGGER. I see Boldly Unbounded as a movement to create a new generation of leadership where gender distinctions blur and traits unite—serving all genders—to create a future where remote workplaces thrive in creativity, impact, psychological safety, well-being, engagement, and revenue.

Want to lead the way?

Moving into your unique Personal Power is real. And today, with Boldly Unbounded Leadership, you can immerse yourself into my holistic programs for turning self-doubt and burnout into confident leadership, grounded in wellbeing.

If you're eager to go deeper and connect with your Higher Self, honor your self-worth, and invest in yourself, I'd love for you to join the Boldly Unbounded Leadership movement.

I'm beyond excited to be on this journey with you!

clarity conversation with Rachel Korb

Pssst... I offer People & Culture advising, too.


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