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Boldly Unbounded in Values alignment


What is values alignment?

We've all heard of values, but what is values alignment? Values alignment is living in harmony with your core values.

And your core values are the guiding principles and beliefs—both conscious and unconscious—that shape your behavior, decisions, and relationships. They translate to how you show up in your life and leadership. When your actions align with your core values, you experience a greater sense of fulfillment, purpose, and inner peace. That's values alignment.

Think of them like a river. When you're in alignment, you flow with the twists, turns, and inevitable rocks that arise in life. Although parts are trying, you continue to move forward. When you're not in alignment, it's like swimming upstream, desperately paddling, holding on to those rocks so you're not pulled back down stream (exhausting!). Very little progress is made compared to the effort invested.

Which one sounds more fun? I really hope you want to flow with ease... 

Why? One, it feels WAY better! Second, THIS is where real progress happens. It happens with ease and effort. Effort doesn't have to be hard.


Am I in alignment with my core values?

First, you need to know what your core values are. Next week, we'll deep dive into discovering your core values. For now, here are 5 questions to see if you're living and leading with values alignment.

As you go through the questions, think about them holistically. This means in your overall life, not just life or work. You can also do it twice—one for life overall and another for just work—to see how they compare. On a scale of 1 (= almost never) to 5 (= almost always):

  1. How fulfilled do you feel?

  2. How clear is your direction (or purpose)?

  3. How connected do you feel to others?

  4. How much is burnout affecting you?

  5. How inspired or motivated do you feel?

Add your rating from each question to get a higher score. The higher the score, the better alignment. Here's a breakdown:

Out of Alignment (5-14)

You're likely out of alignment with your core values. You probably feel super stuck, self-doubt, unfulfilled, stressed, exhausted, or disconnected. Your next steps are to get REALLY CLEAR on your core values and what they look like in practice. 

Opportunity to Increase Alignment (15-19)

You're aligned with your values—to an extent. You're content overall, but you still feel like there's more in life. You might even feel a bit stuck, and you're actively looking to feel more clarity, confidence, and connection. Next steps? Request a FREE, 1-hour Boldly Unbounded Strategy Session with me to get more clarity.

Deeply Aligned (20-25)

You are groovin' with your values. Maybe you want to elevate your life and leadership even more. If so, request a FREE, 1-hour Boldly Unbounded Strategy Session with me to get more clarity on what that could look like.

free boldly unbounded strategy session with rachel marie korb


Why does values alignment matter?

Values alignment offers you a strong sense of authenticity and integrity. Leaders who lead with authenticity can boost job satisfaction and work-related attitude and happiness. It can also lead to better work relationships, higher trust, more productivity, and a more positive workplace

On a personal level? You can feel a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. They help you move toward your deepest desires instead of going against them (i.e., instead of going upstream). They guide you to set healthy boundaries and develop heathy relationships that honor your self-respect. They help you create a supportive, meaningful community. Lastly, they help you communicate what you need more effectively, leading to an overall improved wellbeing

So, really, what's not to love?


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