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Boldly Unbounded in Taking up Space

Taking up space as a female leader


Do You Take up Space?

That answer depends... ask yourself...

How often do I speak up or ask hard questions?
How often am I trying to please or help others (especially at the expense of myself)?
How often do I feel guilty or shame when discussing personal challenges?
How comfortable am I with silence?
How do I feel when I set healthy boundaries?
How often do I hold space? (Yes, holding space is just as important).

How you answer can lend insight in how much space you're taking up as a female leader.


Take up Space to boldly lead

Where do I begin to take up space?

  1. Identify and change limiting behaviors and habits. The first step is to become aware of self-limiting behaviors or habits that may be holding you back. This may include people-pleasing, minimizing your accomplishments, or avoiding confrontation.

  2. Seek support from others and invest in coaching. Taking up space can be challenging, especially if you've struggled with confidence or self-trust issues. Seeking support from friends, family, or a coach can provide the encouragement and guidance needed to break free from old habits and express yourself more assertively. A coach can also help you explore the underlying reasons, and provide tools and strategies to help you overcome them.

  3. Practice taking up and holding space. Everything gets easier the more we practice. The same goes for taking up space. Try speaking up in meetings, setting boundaries in personal relationships, or pursuing opportunities that you might have shied away from in the past. Then, hold space for people and your team to reflect and make meaning, play with possibilities, and create the new. This teaches them to take up and hold space as well.

3 free practice to move into your personal power


Why Taking Up Space Elevates Your Leadership (...And Changes The World)

This has to be said. Female leaders face numerous challenges when taking up space in male-dominated industries. Things like unconscious bias, microaggressions, and greater scrutiny and criticism in performance reviews. It can make it difficult for them to be (and feel) seen and heard. It can diminish their self-trust and embodiment of their unique Personal Power.

But, by allowing yourself to occupy the space you equally deserve sends a powerful message to others about your abilities and determination. It helps you to radiate confidence and practice assertiveness. It challenges the status quo and sets a precedent for female leaders to be taken seriously in male-dominated industries. It ensures that you are in alignment with your integrity and feminine leadership. It creates an aware, unshakeable sense of self-trust.

And ultimately—taking up space and holding it—empowers more women to step into leadership roles with confidence and assert their presence, leading to a more inclusive and diverse leadership landscape.

What is 1 way you want to take up or hold more space as a female leader? Hit reply and let me know!

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