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Boldly Unbounded In Leadership Values

Boldly Unbounded in Leadership Values

Why Core Leadership Values Matter

Our values are everything. As a human. As an ambitious leader. They're an expression of how you see yourself and the world around you.


They influence how you show up in the world. Especially in the hardest moments you'll inevitably face. The messy, raw moments that challenge you to your core, reminding you what it means to be human. 


And as a leader, you might experience these challenges daily. Being aligned with your core values are what ground you to be a leader with integrity. They offer clarity, confidence, and connection amid chaos, ambiguity, and doubt. 


They also lead to more productive, creative teams with higher revenue. When you lead with your core leadership values, you become a more effective leader, and you:

  • Expand authenticity and impact

  • Model the importance of self-trust, self-awareness, and resilience to your entire team

  • Make difficult decisions and take action in alignment with your values, inspiring others to do the same

  • Cultivate an environment of trust, accountability, and credibility, creating a foundation for strong relationships and collaboration

  • Create a ripple effect—starting with your team—flowing outward to the company, customers, and greater community



What Are Core Leadership Values?

Let's find out what core leadership core values are and how they enable exceptional leadership. They're:

  • guiding principles and core beliefs that guide your actions and decisions

  • an extension of your core personal values

  • what shape your leadership style and influence company culture


For example, if you value honesty and transparency in your personal life, you prioritize these traits when leading. It may show up in how you communicate your team or company's vision, challenges you're facing, or changing priorities. 


Honesty and transparency are two key leadership traits when it comes to exceptional leadership. Others that show up in leadership research include...

  • Vision and communication

  • Empowerment and development (think, human potential)

  • Compassion (and empathy)

  • Integrity and courage

  • Accountability and dependability 

  • Mutual Respect

  • Authenticity and humility 


Which ones most resonate with you? Which ones would you like to see more in your leadership? What type of leader do you want to be?




How to Define and Align with Your Leadership Core Values

"How do I know what my key values REALLY are?" This is one of the most common questions from my clients as they navigate their professional lives. In our private sessions, we explore what their core personal values are, what they mean in practice, how they impact their quality of life, and how they extend to key aspects of leadership.


Today, I have a powerful strategy to catapult your personal growth and leadership development. Ready?


Step 1: Think about an accomplishment you're most proud of in your life. 

It could be a personal achievement, a professional success, or even a moment where you made a positive impact on someone's life. When you bring yourself back to this moment, you feel expansive and a warmth spread through your body.

You feel REALLY GOOD, like you can do anything in life. 


Step 2: Find and pull at the golden threads. 

Golden threads are the themes or core qualities that show up repeatedly in your life where you feel a deep sense of connection, meaning/purpose, and joy. What were the common themes in that accomplishment? Maybe it was perseverance, teamwork, integrity, or compassion. Identify what these themes translate to as values.

They can be a word, a string of them, or even a sentence. One of the most memorable values a client created was, "🧠 brain on 🔥 fire." It meant seeking out intellectual stimulation through books, meaningful conversations, science cities, documentaries, talks, and imaginary home renovations. 


Step 3: Define your values. 

Once you've identified your core 3-5 values, think about how they manifest in your daily life.

How do you live out those values in your interactions with others, your decision-making, and your approach to challenges? What might be some blind spots you have? Any ingrained beliefs that you might want to explore?


Step 4: Rank your values in order of importance. 

Take some time to prioritize your core values. What is your #1 value? What comes next? After that?

This will give you clarity on what drives you and what matters most. At times your core values may conflict with each other, so it's key to know which one supercedes all others.


Step 5: Define what they mean in a leadership context. 

Understanding the connection between your core values and leadership approach is crucial for authentic leadership.

How do your core values shape your leadership philosophy? How do they guide your daily decisions, inspire your team, and drive your vision? How do they connect to your long-term goals?

Jot down your leadership core values list. 


So, set aside some time for yourself to go through the steps. Put on some good tunes, find a beverage of your choice, and get into your groove. When you've got it, pick one value and find ways to incorporate it into your day.

And as always, would love to hear what personal growth insights you have, requests for future topics, and questions that arise. 

Love Rachel


Boldly Unbounded Strategy Session with Rachel






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