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Boldly Unbounded in Leadership Impact

Boldly Unbounded in Leadership Impact


What's Leadership impact?

What's leadership impact? First, let's break it down:

  • Leadership is multidimensional, and when you choose to take ownership for what's happening around you, you work together in a way that involves and taps into everyone's unique talents, including your own. It allows you to connect with your unique Personal Power and inspire others to do the same. It's more than just your job title. This is my favorite definition—inspired from the Co-Active Training Institute.

  • Impact is embedded in everything—from the vision you set and business results you achieve to the organizational culture you co-create and the way you make people feel. Every interaction, decision, feeling, and thought, has an impact.

As one, Leadership Impact is a leadership approach to drive meaningful, high-impact results and empower people to realize their full potential.


6 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Impact

These 6 ways are the building blocks for seasoned and future leaders:

  1. Know your mission. This is your why, rooted in your core values and company values. Your guiding compass to lead with self-trust, integrity, and authenticity.

  2. Commit to continuous self-discovery. Self reflection helps your grow self-awareness and make more intentional decisions to influence business strategies and results. It also helps you develop your leadership style and skill sets faster.

  3. Cultivate exceptional communication skills. This fosters a workplace culture with higher creativity, productivity, and sense of belonging. Higher employee engagement leads to higher organizational performance, which leads to 22% higher profitability.

  4. Create accountability that deepens trust and high-performance. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions and model them to your team. It enables employee feedback and creates a shared sense of accountability and boosts employee retention.

  5. Nurture meaningful relationships. Humans have universal needs and meaningful connection helps meet those needs, connect the work to their personal outcomes, and motivate your team to do their best work.

  6. Offer inspirational clarity. You can articulate a compelling vision that inspires your team to take action. And you act in alignment with that vision.


Why This Works

Harvard Business Review's recent research shows that female leaders are more effective leaders than male counterparts, however up until their 40s, female leaders don't believe they're as competent as they really are. They lack confidence in their competencies—and unconscious biases and organizational barriers contribute to this perception.

By integrating the 6 ways to boost your Leadership Impact, you develop a strong sense of confidence in your leadership skills. It allows you to focus on what really matters instead of "Am I good enough?"

It creates a unshakable foundation because you're in alignment with who you really are and you can holistically connect your mission to your company. You naturally expand on traits for highly effective leadership, like...

  • Taking initiative. Self-discovery requires action, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and being aware of your levels of motivation.

  • High integrity and honesty. Knowing your mission and embodying your core values create the foundation for integrity and honesty. In turn, cultivating a strong organizational culture of accountability and trust to drive team performance and organizational outcomes.

  • Self-development. Self-development amplifies awareness of self and others, understanding what inspires and motivates people, and problem-solving. It's a practice of taking ownership of your life, making better decisions, achieving stretch goals, nurturing relationships, and innovating. It fuels professional development.

  • Resilience. Self-trust helps you come back from setbacks and overcome challenges. It also helps you champion change and be a positive influence for your team.

  • Bold leadership. Exceptional communication skills and clarity enable to you articulate compelling visions, communicate powerfully, and make better decisions faster.

Simply put, it's all interconnected. Leadership Impact has a profound impact on organizational effectiveness, organizational culture, and employee behavior, leading to a more harmonious work environment.

So, pick 1 way to boost your Leadership Impact and start to develop it. Not sure where to start? Set up a free, 1-hour Clarity Conversation with me and we can explore it together.

Clarity Conversation with Rachel Marie Korb

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