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Boldly Unbounded in Interoception

rachel sitting at her coworking in barcelona

Hello, you Boldly Unbounded Soul ✨

A new look for the weekly newsletter—inspired by my new working digs and what I've learned from you.

What's different?

I'll share my experiences over the week, a question to inspire reflection, a bite-sized learning to elevate your leadership, and a challenge for you to take action.



Spring has arrived in Barcelona.

The Rambla del Poblenou is teeming with cozy terrace conversations.

The orange flower blossoms are bursting, filling the air with their sweet, soul-filling scent.

And if you’re lucky enough, you might even witness dolphins on their seasonal journey as you stroll the beach (spoiler alert: it was magnificent!).

And as Spring is a season of revival—I’ve felt so excited to reenvision an even better newsletter, deepen my skills with the Whole Person Certified Coach advanced training, and honor intentional, sustainable growth at Boldly Unbounded.

Cue daily integrative practices, walking along the beach, creating a powerful project (keep reading to learn more about what I’ve been building for you), and holding life-altering coaching conversations.

Rachel Korb's signture



What are you willing to tolerate in your environment?

Humans dislike discomfort. We opt into tolerating small discomforts over the long term, sacrificing our BIG dream for ourselves. What if you could shift? Embrace more discomfort for the short term to achieve your dream. Start by noticing what you tolerate in your day-to-day. Let me know what you discover.


Unbounded learning of the week —the art of interoception

Every day, you take in the world around you through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. But we've learned through the advances in neuroscience that we have four more senses—one of them interoception. Mindblowing, I know!

What is it? Interoception is the awareness of our internal state​. It encompasses sensing signals in the body, emotions, memories, and learned associations.

And interoception can become a superpower as you hone your interoceptive attention and accuracy. The benefits?

  • Better stress management and burnout prevention

  • Improved emotional regulation​, resilience, and adaptability

  • More informed decision-making and deeper self-trust

  • Higher empathy and sense of connection


Be Bold experiment of the week —expand your interoception awareness

Do you struggle with stress (or burnout), self-trust, loneliness, or making difficult decisions confidently? If so you're not alone. I've noticed this theme in female leaders throughout my career.

Interoception can help you unlock more calm clarity, courage, and connectedness as a leader. Here's how: begin with body-sensing.

  • Scan the body from head to toe, noticing any sensations. Observe any holding and relaxation in the body, breathing, heartbeat, pain, etc.

  • When you notice a physical sensation mentally name it and any related emotion. For example, "holding the jaw (stress)," "heaviness in chest (sadness)," or "rising and falling of the belly."

  • Do this for 5 minutes every day for the next week.

  • Write down what you notice each day to tease out trends.

Why it works: high stress tends to be part of leadership. It leads to disconnection from the body—living in the mind. Body-sensing actively cultivates body-mind awareness and increases your body literacy.



Ready to shift?

I gift 4 complimentary 30-minute conversations each month. I'll ask you 5 questions to elevate and challenge your thinking. No selling. No pitches. No attachments. Just a conversation that could change your life.

Sound interesting? Spots are limited. Reserve yours now—they go quickly.


Rachel Korb at Boldly Unbounded

I don’t just coach, I’m a fractional People Leader, too!

(I love remote workplace design to inspire a new way to work for people and profit.)

Hi, I'm Rachel Marie Korb. I'm a curious, sea-loving human based in Barcelona, Spain. After being a senior leader and scaling remote workplaces for a decade, I decided to start Boldly Unbounded to help ambitious female leaders shift from fear, self-doubt, and stress to clarity, courage, and connection to deliver impact—without the burnout.

Elevate your leadership and create a life overflowing with abundance.


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