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Boldly Unbounded in Intention for 2024

Happy new year from boldly unbounded


Today's a personal one. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on Boldly Unbounded’s vision for 2024.


But first, 2023 has been a year for experimentation. I’ve learned so much about myself and the Boldly Unbounded community through the process.


Here are my top takeaways from you Boldly Unbounded Souls: 

💫 You’re ambitious. You want to deliver incredible impact, but you feel limited. You want to lead with clarity, confidence, and connection. You're done playing small. You're ready to step into the BIG version of yourself. 

🎢 Your self-trust waivers often. You doubt what you’re truly capable of, allowing your power to diminish and your mission to stray. You know it, and want to change it.  

⚡️ You tend to overcompensate with masculine energy since you’re in a male-dominated industry. Yet, you yearn for your feminine energy to be present. You're trying to find the right balance. 

🎨 You've designed a life that actively disconnects you from your higher self. You’re trying to find your way back. Back to your mission. Your values. Your deepest desires. Your unique Personal Power.


And what I’ve realized is that the best way I can serve all of you beautiful, inspiring women is to play BIG with you. To lead boldly. To live unbounded.


What do I mean? Build Boldly Unbounded differently. 2024 is all about being boldly unbounded in intention.

The past few months have been a rollercoaster of learning—social media marketing, content creation, digital marketing, SEO… and while I love learning, something has felt off. I’ve noticed the subtle energy drain. I’ve drifted out of alignment with what matters most.


You, you Boldly Unbounded Soul ✨ You’re why I’m here.


I want to cultivate a meaningful relationship with each and every Boldly Unbounded Soul that makes up this community.


So, I’m thrilled to share the changes I’m making to do just that… 

🔖 Make the newsletter WAY better. The newsletter will be more personal, inspiring, silly, and practical. It’s going to be SO MUCH MORE than it has been. I’m going to share client questions, stories, my experiences, frameworks, and reflections. We’re going to get real and raw. 

🫶 Focus on coaching first. Rather than trying to split my energy between People & Culture Advising and Coaching, I am committing myself to coaching first. I’ll continue to offer private coaching and will expand to group coaching. My long-term vision to to lead intimate retreats, too.  

🧘🏽‍♀️ Slow down. I’ve been trying to do everything all at once—my default mode. Instead, I’m going to cut out anything that doesn't offer much value or align with the 2024 vision. I want to build a company sustainably, even if it takes a little longer.


Why am I sharing this with you?


Because even though everything looks shiny from the outside, we all have a journey we’re on. It's messy, challenging, and beautiful. So, soak it up ☀️


To close out 2023, thank you ${contact.Name.First} for being on this journey with me so far.


I am SO EXCITED for all to come in 2024 🎉

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P.S. Thinking about making some ambitious changes in 2024? Book a free 2-hour Boldly Unbounded Strategy Session with me. You'll get a personalized assessment to understand what's holding you back and specific steps to elevate your feminine leadership and design the life that you deeply desire.

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