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Boldly Unbounded in Holistic Well-being

boldly unbounded in holistic well-being


A New Way of Holistic Well-being: The 8 Dimensions

When you think of well-being, what comes to mind? For many, physical health first, then mental and maybe emotional. But that's just a small part. Holistic well-being is, well, a holistic approach. It encompasses all key aspects of life, including leadership, to create a fulfilling life.

  1. Body. This is your physical wellness. The Body dimension involves caring for your entire body to cultivate optimal physical wellness, healing, a healthy diet, healthy sleep habits, and energy levels.

  2. Brain. This is your intellectual or mental wellness.The Brain dimension involves maintaining cognitive health, mental stimulation, being open to growth, and fostering creativity.

  3. Mind. This is emotional wellness. The Mind dimension involves being kind to yourself as experience a wide range of emotions, having resilience to handle life’s ebbs and flows, emotional intelligence, and thriving through challenges or changes.

  4. Soul. This is spiritual wellness. The Soul dimension involves connecting to your inner and outer worlds to expand your purpose and meaning in life, including your values, integrity, interconnectedness.

  5. Space. This is environmental wellness. The Space dimension involves a sense of safety, comfort, and connection with your physical surroundings. It also encompasses the interactions between you, your community, and surroundings.

  6. Connection. This is your social wellness. The Connection dimension involves creating and nurturing healthy relationships. It encompasses the ability to interact and promote healthy communication with people around you.

  7. Leadership. This is your occupational wellness, with a focus in leadership at Boldly Unbounded. The Leadership dimension involves leading effectively and pursuing a career that supports your values, goals, and professional growth.

  8. Money. This is financial wellness. The Money dimension involves having a sense of financial security, financial goals, and having enough to meet your financial needs. It also relates to your relationship to money.


3 Ways to Nurture Holistic Well-being

There are so many ways to improve your holistic wellness, but let's start with 3 foundational practices for your daily life:

  1. Schedule dedicated time for exercise. Even if it's just 10 minutes, commit to physical activity 3-5 times a week, whether it's at the gym, home, yoga studio, or in nature. The key? Do something that brings you joy and even laughter—not something you feel obligated to do.

  2. Incorporate somatic practices into your daily routine. Take the time to connect with your body to improve body awareness, movement patterns, and release trauma from the body. It could be yoga, a body scan, or a somatic exercise.

  3. Cultivate curiosity and mindfulness. Find one activity you already have—brushing your teeth, having a coffee or tea, or walking somewhere. Focus solely on that activity. What physical sensations do you notice? Tension, relaxation, pain, ease, temperature... What is your breathing like? What colors and shapes do you notices in your surrounding? What do you smell? Hear? Get curious. Pretend you're doing this thing for the first time and see what arises.


Why is Holistic Well-being Matters

Holistic well-being matters in leadership because it recognizes the 8 dimensions' interconnected nature. When your prioritize holistic well-being, you support the overall health and balance of yourself and your team. The outcome? Higher employee wellness = higher employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

On top of that, it has ripple effect beyond work. When your team feels supported in their body, mind, and connection dimensions at work, they're more likely to bring their best selves to work and be more present in their personal lives. It improves their overall quality of life.

✨ Sounds pretty amazing, right? But where do you even start as a female leader? Keep reading...

Free Workshop: How to Cultivate Self-trust to Elevate Your Feminine Leadership

Join me on Wednesday, December 13th for a free 45-minute workshop. In this workshop for female leaders, I'll share:

Free workshop: how to cultivate self-trust to elevate your feminine leadership
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  • The real reason you’re limited as a female leader, so that you can design a fulfilling, joyful life and confidently deliver impact (hint: this has to do with the 8 dimensions of well-being).

  • The 3 action steps you can take to finally move into the boldly unbounded female leader you’re meant to be and lead your team with clarity, calm, and confidence.

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