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Cultivate culture consiously.

People & Culture Advising

I genuinely believe that work can be fulfilling.

It doesn't have to end in low engagement, poor performance, or burnout

As a People leader, I've helped remote companies scale their culture. As someone who has burned out multiple times, I've witnessed how the power of well-designed remote work can unlock high-performance, high-compassion teams

I've seen it boost engagement, alignment, creativity, psychological safety, retention, and revenue. It doesn't have to be an either-or anymore.

Whether you're a CEO wanting to build a people-focused remote-first company or a People person, just getting started, I'm here for you.


What if it could be different?

imagine a Company culture with...


You deliver sustainable, high-impact results, aligned with business priorities. It’s rooted in neurophysiology, team effectiveness frameworks, and performance enablement.


Everyone embodies their purpose, values, and goals at individual, team, and company levels. Collaboration, cross-team communication, and career growth become key.


You create space for compassionate connection with yourself and your team to create a psychologically safety, growth mindset, and an equitable workplace.

How can we partner?


Not ready for a full-time Head of People? Maybe you need to improve your new hire onboarding, automate people operations, or boost engagement to hit business goals. 

As Fractional Head of People, I'll help you achieve your highest impact goals from hiring and onboarding to career development and departures. 

We'll identify your goals and gaps, and strategically solve them.

Let's change the world of work.

cultivate a high-performance, high-compassion culture. 

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