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You can feel differently

Boldly Unbounded Leadership Lab

Most ambitious female leaders feel like they've achieved success—the job title, money, and love. But deep down they feel fear, disconnect, and stress. Hello, chronic burnout.


It's because we've all been sold a story...that when you're a successful, ambitious female leader, burnout is a part of it.

This story will keep you going until you burn out completely or succumb to a hollow existence, living on autopilot. It doesn't have to be that way.


I believe you can step into your unique Personal Power and lead with feminine energy. Say goodbye to burnout.

What if it could be different?

imagine leading (& LIVING) with...

Calm clarity

You deliver impact and results by coming from a place of awareness, intention, and abundance. Tapping into your intuition and logic.


You take up space and embody integrity. You're in alignment with your purpose, values, and goals at personal, team, and company levels.


You create space for compassionate connection with feminine energy to bring out the best in you, your life, and your team.

Uniquely made for you

to step into your personal power & Lead

Embody Calm, Clarity, and Confidence

You'll develop a strong leader presence and radiate calmness, clarity, and confidence in every aspect of your leadership using compassion and mindfulness practices, values alignment, and breathwork. You'll reframe your underlying beliefs to step into your unique Personal Power.


Deliver Impact

You'll learn to make decisions from a place of empowerment rather than fear, effectively communicate results, and influence others to drive impact. You'll learn best practices for remote-first communication, team design and accountability, and impact-first prioritization.


Lead with Integrity

You'll align your personal values, goals, and purpose with your leadership approach, creating a strong foundation for ethical and impactful leadership that energizes you.


Lead with well-being

You'll find harmony between your personal and professional life, leading to reduced stress, increased satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment. You'll learn how to set boundaries and trust yourself.


Create Compassionate Connections

You'll cultivate compassionate connection with yourself and others, fostering a positive and empowering environment that brings out the best in you, your team, and company. You'll learn best practices for building trust and autonomy, people leader coaching, and inspiring others.

We're stronger together.

join the movement

You're not in this alone. I'll be there to guide and coach you. And you'll be a part of a community with other ambitious female leaders for support, to learn from, and grow with, in a safe space

The lab is intentionally a maximum of 10 female leaders so you can build meaningful relationships with everyone.

What's included?

the offering

This 6-month container includes:

  • Monthly 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Session per month (60 min)

  • 2x group Unbounding Sessions per month (60 min)

  • Online course to guide your Personal Power transformation

  • Remote, async-first leadership resources and templates

  • Slack text support, both private and group (Monday-Friday)

This is for the woman who:

  • Is ready to prioritize and invest in herself to step into her unique Personal Power.

  • Is done living in a constant state burnout and wants to reach success that reflects her values.

  • Is curious and experiments to reach her goals and feels energized by her commitment to herself.

  • Feels empowered to become a confident female leader and honor her worth.

THIS IS not for THE woman WHO:

  • Isn't ready to prioritize herself and keeps saying, "I'll do it someday."

  • Allows her fear and self-doubt to override her commitment to her leadership and goals.

  • Is resistant to experimenting with remote-first and sync-first practices on her team.

  • Believes stress and burnout are must-haves and clings to them.

Your investment in you

$5400 OR $4500 PAID IN FULL

Paid in full special benefits include:

  • $900 off regular investment

  • 360° Boldly Unbounded Leadership Assessment

  • One bonus  1:1 Empowerment Coaching session

invest with a monthly payment plan:

  • 6 installments of $900


Are you ready?

SHIFT into your personal power.
Lead boldly unbounded.

Apply Now

Enrollment by Application Only.  Space is Limited

Thanks for submitting your application! Rachel will contact you within the next 1-2 business days to discuss your application ✨

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